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Tampa’s Kerri Cipriani discusses featuring in VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’

Tampa’s Kerri Cipriani discusses featuring in VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’

Fulfilling some body in Tampa had been difficult for Kerri Cipriani. She’d attempted the bar scene, online meeting and dating buddies of foreign dating site buddies.

For a whim, the 25-year-old nursing recruiter auditioned for the dating TV show. She did not get cast on that demonstrate, nevertheless the manufacturers of she was called by another project straight right right back.

It had been called Dating Naked, a show having a premise exactly like it seems.

“They asked me personally to may be found in to get more auditions,” she said.

Her tale captivated them. She possessed a boyfriend of 5 years who had been being ribbed for having no game, Cipriani said, therefore she challenged him getting woman’s telephone number. When you look at the final end, she stated, her boyfriend cheated on the with this woman.

The kicker: She managed to tell manufacturers the tale within the buff.

“After about quarter-hour you do not also understand the digital digital digital cameras is there anymore,” Cipriani stated.

VH1’s Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps cast Cipriani and Chris Aldrich since the primary daters and whisked them down to NoaNoa Island into the Philippines for 10 days filled with 20 blind times with nude strangers.

It absolutely was the opportunity of an eternity for Cipriani, whom was raised in Ohio, along with never ever been offshore.

“Truthfully, i have constantly discovered myself only a little crazy and I also actually crave spontaneity,” stated Cipriani. “we thought that when any you can keep pace with me personally it might be the sort of one who would take action similar to this.

Cipriani and Aldrich could select during the end up to now the other person or among the other individuals they would met in their stay.

We will have the information on exactly exactly exactly how all of it turned down whenever Season 2 of Dating Naked premieres Wednesday on VH1.

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