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3 Tactics I Personally Use To Deal With Petty, Passive-Aggressive Coworkers

3 Tactics I Personally Use To Deal With Petty, Passive-Aggressive Coworkers

I suppose we’ve reached that true point within the quarantine where many people are fed-up. I have it — I’m there, too — but I’ve arrive at the understanding that the frustration has produced a strange influx of passive-aggressive messages during my workplace. In a time that is unprecedented each of my peers will work from your home and none of us have experienced one another in-person for 6 months, tensions are high, plus it’s not as effortless as it was previously to mention objectives at work. The conversations I have been engaging in with my colleagues have been passive-aggressive, to say the least as of late, from e-mails to direct messages. This is why the at-home work environment more than a little stressful, but within the weeks that are past I’ve show up with some techniques to handle this.

First of all, trust your gut.

Should you believe as if the tone associated with the email or message is “off,” and also this hasn’t been a concern into the past, possibilities are, you’re right – your colleague has been passive-aggressive. Now, before leaping to virtually any conclusions, I’d advise that you wait to see whether this really is a pattern that is recurring before you take action. We’ve all had tough times where we deliver a message before re-reading it. Sometimes we find yourself typing the passive-aggressive expressions we’re making use of inside our heads, that individuals might not necessarily want to move up to other people.

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