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Don’t date Egyptian guy. Girls, it’s vry bad idea.

Don’t date Egyptian guy. Girls, it’s vry bad idea.

I realize the manner in which you feel and i must say i wish to assist other girls who’re deeply in love with Egyptian guy now.

I am really certain you will find good Egyptian men, but from 5 man that is egyptian understand, 5 of the are cheater. Three of these are acquaintances and I also had 2 relationships that are past one other two.

Note: i am a muslim woman from an asian nation. I am available minded but I have good understanding of Islam.

Listed here is the summary of whatever they have inked.

Certainly one of them utilized some girls become regional sponsor as they want so they can stay in my country as long. He took cash from these girls, had intercourse together with them, while these girls dropped in deep love with him (i acquired telephone calls because of these girls who had been shopping for him after he out of the blue disappeared).

One man cheated from their fiancee in Egypt and had been dating a Filipino woman in this nation.

Another man cheated from his Egyptian spouse and got hitched having a local woman therefore he is able to start a small business right right here.

My 2 previous relationships:

I was engaged and in love with an Egyptian man before I witnessed all those crap above. 90 days before our wedding, I happened to be expecting. We proceeded to own a relationship until he left me personally when you look at the altar whenever I had been 4 months expecting. He disappeared from the time.

a couple of years from then on we came across a father that is singledivorced) Egyptian guys. He is company guy whom you will need to expand their company within my nation. Our relationship ended up being the sweetest moments within my real time and he taught me personally on perhaps maybe not being afraid in being in love once more. We liked him, i truly did. He revealed affection that is great my child and every thing went completely. We planned our future & planned our engagement etc.

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